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Is there food and drink storage on the machines?

Most of our ATVs have small storage compartments to house snacks, water bottles and other small items. You may also want to bring a small backpack with you for any personal items such as food, drink, additional clothing and a camera.

ATVFAQ.jpgWhere do we ride?

After you finish the check in process at our office, you will simply walk out of the office and jump onto your ATV or RZR. All of our machines are conveniently located at the Red Cliff Vail Pass Recreation Trail access point. We will supply you with a detailed map that illustrates the beginner, intermediate and advanced trails.

We supply googles, helmets, and all equipment for atv rentals What is the appropriate clothing?

While ATVing, you must wear a helmet (provided with Vail ATV rental), but we also suggest bringing your own googles or glasses to protect your eyes. you will also want to be prepared for all kinds of different weather by bringing multiple layers to change in/out of. Gloves, boots, pants and earplugs will also help make your ATV trip more pleasant.

What if we need some assistance on the trails?

We are very concerned for the safety of our customers and will go over a trail map at our office to recommend that safest trails for your riding ability. Our wranglers will give you their personal cell phone numbers so if there is an emergency you can call them directly. Additionally, our office is also available by cell phone and our professional wranglers will be there to assist you on the trail. Because cell phone signals can be intermittent on Vail Pass, we advise you to check your cell service often. During your orientation, we will point out on the map the cell phone signal hot spots.

White River National Forest Vail ATV rentalsWill we be able get a cell phone signal in the National Forest?

Yes. Most of the area has strong reception, however there are some intermittent spots so we encourage you to stop and check your signal every so often. If an emergency arises, you will want to make sure and go to the most recent place you had signal and make the call. During your orientation we will show you the signal hot spots in and around Vail Pass.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes. You have up until 48 hours prior to your reservation time to receive 100% back on your reservation.

How long will a tank of gas last me on the ATVs/RZRs?

Our ATVs and RZRs will travel approximately 100 miles on one tank of gas.

What People Are Saying

"Your choice, to cruise or to rip. They give you the choice of the machine you will be riding for the day or half day. Either a cruiser or a high performance rocket. They give you the safety tour and show you how to use the machine. They give you a map and an overview of the possible terrain you can cover. Then they cut you loose and tell you to have fun. Then you choose how you want the day to unfold. I chose the 600cc Polaris. I recommend paying the extra for the better machines. You won't be disappointed!"

Donald D.

"These guys are awesome! My boyfriend and I recently stayed in Red Cliff and rode snowmobiles with CBR. We were VERY impressed with their staff and their snowmobiles! Normally, check-in is in Minturn, CO, which is the next town over from Red Cliff. However, since we were staying in Red Cliff and would be there already, they were kind enough to let us fill out our paperwork upon our arrival to the snowmobile area in Red Cliff, saving us a trip to Minturn! We decided to ride a full day so after we went over the safety info, the guys took us aside and went over the map with us and gave us helpful tips on which routes to take so that we could come back for lunch and get as many sights in as possible! I was very thankful. The trails followed the map very well so we were able to navigate throughout the day with relative ease. The views are breathtaking! I cannot say enough positive things about our experience. It was perfect from start to finish!"


"My family come in USA for three weeks and we decide for Colorado snow experience in mountainous Rockies. My nephew found Colorado Backcountry somehow and made booking with Mark or Mike? I will tell you faithfully, this company was full of knowledge for safety AND fun! Mr. Kevin was our guide to the most fun my family had! My family was so pleasantly suprised from our trip to Colorado and they keep talking about how much fun they had that day on the mountain with"Mr. Kevin!" Colorado Backcountry is unexpectedly good service and quality! You must see for yourself!"


"Had an amazing time getting lost. Hard to easy trails, beginner friendly riding. Very good instruction from Keven and Schmitt, great guys to get you on your way ASAP."

Michael G.

"Schmitty is da man! They took care of our group, and showed us the best spots. If you wanna snowmobile, these are your people."

Stetson R.

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