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Book your Vail snowmobiling tour today!
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Who We Are

Colorado Backcountry Rentals is an unguided snowmobile/ATV rental operation in the Vail Pass Recreation Area based in the town of Red Cliff, Colorado. Red Cliff is located just minutes from Beaver Creek, Vail and a short drive from the Summit County area of Colorado. We pride ourselves in providing an excellent and friendly snowmobiling/ATV experience.

Chuck Top Of The WorldAt CBR, we can accommodate all types of riding abilities by choosing from trail machines or high performance machines.

All rentals include helmet and gas. Come to our check-in office, conveniently located at the trailhead and just minutes from riding unguided through the backcountry of the Colorado Rockies!

What People Are Saying

"Vail pass was amazing! Thank you for the awesome adventure!"

Lynn B.

"We had a fabulous time snowmobiling. We're experienced snowmobilers - but that wasn't necessary - the trails were well marked and groomed and we had good maps. My 28 year old son rented a 'hot rod' sled - and he was thrilled. I had the 'cadillac'... but both sleds performed well. We were able to go all over - and up several mountains -where we had 360% views... it was awesome and then we went down and were able to go up another mountain top and see where we had just come from! The town was not far from Vail and I would definitely do this again and we plan to go ATV there next summer. It was well worth the money!"

Michael O.

"The employees are great, they explain the machines and trails well and have plenty of advice to offer for different machine types and skill levels. There are many miles of trails and mountain valleys to explore with beautiful scenery. I rented a high-performance snowmobile for two full days and loved it. Highly recommended!"

Adam C.